How To Get Rid Of Hip Dips? Hip dips are normal occurring depressions or indents on the outer part of the upper legs, slightly below the hip bone. In some individuals, the skin around this area is tightly linked to the upper part of the trochanter of the femur resulting in an appearance of indentations. Hip dips are a standard part of our body structure and slightly vary in appearance from one person to another. In some people, hip dips are noticeable and may look like large indentations, while others are less noticeable.

Note that the bone structure of the femur and pelvis determines if you will notice the hip dips or not. Besides, the muscles mass and the fat distribution in the body also play a part in how easy it is to detect hip dips.

Where do hip dips come from?

Often, hip dips arise from the skeletal anatomy of your body, i.e., genetics has a role in it. Naturally, how noticeable hip dips are is determined by

  • The width on the hips
  • The size of the greater trochanter
  • The distance between the greater trochanter, the hip socket, and the ilium.
  • The femoral neck length
  • The body’s fat distribution
  • The hip muscle mass.

Hip Dips Workout

Although it is not wise to target only one body part, if you feel uneasy with your overall body fat level and want to decrease your overall body fat percentage, then here are simple exercises that can help achieve this.


squats for hip dips
Squats for hip dips
  • Stand with your feet hip-width spread apart and hinged at the knees. This gives you a squat position such that your knees trail over the toes. Make sure they don’t extend past.
  • Make push back up with the weight of your heel to a standing position such that you will be squeezing the top of your glutes.

Hip abduction

Hip abduction workout for hip dips
Hip abduction workout for hip dips
  • While you lie on your side, support your upper body using your top arm by positioning it slightly in front of the chest.
  • Position your upper body, including your core, intact and engaged to your level best. Raise the top of your leg facing the ceiling.
  • Now, lower your back down as you control it- repeat the process.

Glute bridges

Glute bridges For Hip Dips
Glute bridges For Hip Dips
  • While you lie on your back, position the heels up to your mat such that your bum is a few inches away, ensure the knees are pointing upwards.
  • Position the feet slightly wider than your shoulder with width apart. Make sure that the toes are pointing outwards and the knees are pointing outwards so that you can engage your adductors.
  • Push the pelvis up facing the ceiling. Ensure that your upper back is fixed on the floor such that the movement driving force is only from the waist down.
  • Once you attain the top position, squeeze the glutes. Please make an effort to keep them active throughout the entire movement. Repeat these movements, lower, and repeat.


Clam Exercise for Hip Dips
Clam Exercise for Hip Dips
  • First, lie down on the mat on your side. Pass your head onto your arm that’s lying on the ground.
  • Now, move your hips up at an angle, preferably at a 45-degrees angle, while your knees to about a 90-degrees angle.
  • Move your knees away from the core but maintain the feet tightly pressed together. Keep still once you’re on top of the movement. Clench your ab muscles and glutes. Slowly return to the initial position on the ground. Repeat the entire process